The ECARF Seal

Strengthen your market position. Create buildings that meet the highest standards and improve the well-being of their users.


The seal confirms the fulfillment of strict scientific criteria.


By independent consumer portals like Label Online.

More than organic

Organic and environmental labels cannot replace this certificate. Because even natural substances can cause allergies. 

Added value

Our seal is a unique add-on to existing asset certifications.


Major brand manufacturers such as Henkel, L’Oréal and Mercedes-Benz already rely on the ECARF seal.


The seal is used in more than 30 countries worldwide.

A holistic approach

The Allergy Friendly Buildings Alliance seal takes a novel holistic approach.

The assessment already starts with the outdoor facilities and not only covers the entire building in its structure, planning and execution, but in addition also offers the people who use and move into the building consulting services for the interior design as an option.

In this way, it is ensured that in the development of buildings, people are the focus and can move into a new building, live and work there with a good feeling.

We guarantee not only the highest possible well-being for allergy sufferers, but also for generally sensitive people. This is a very important aspect for productivity in offices and administrative buildings.


We see ourselves as a partner to the construction industry at the interface with teaching medicine and support project developers in obtaining the Seal for Allergy-Friendly Construction. For medical evaluation and testing, we work closely with the ECARF Foundation, which in turn is one of the co-founders of the Alliance.

Here, we support the ECARF Foundation exclusively with our expertise in the awarding of the Seal of Quality for Allergy-Friendly Building. In doing so, we carry out the prescribed conformity test.

1 %

of the expenses for the seal flow directly into the research of the ECARF Foundation.

Acquiring the seal


Send us an inquiry about the ECARF Seal and submit all relevant information about your planned project.
Direction Arrows


We advise you and show the possibilities of how to realize the project allergy friendly.
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An independent panel verifies all the decisive criteria. AFBA performs the mandatory conformity test.
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The ECARF Foundation awards the building the Seal of Allergy-Friendly Construction.

The three levels

The three rings are assigned criteria that together form the ECARF Seal for allergy-friendly building. The criteria are set up separately for indoor and outdoor areas and, when viewed together, reflect the different areas of effect of allergenic substances.

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