Health is wealth!
We help you preserve it.

We support the construction industry in developing allergy-friendly buildings. Because our goal is to improve the well-being of people in buildings.


Allergy-friendly construction hardly causes any additional costs. In some cases it can even save you money!


We help you in a clear and concise way to meet all the required criteria for allergy-friendly building.


Feel good and work more efficiently. Allergy-friendly construction literally creates space for efficiency!

Unique expertise

on the interface to medicine

In cooperation with the ECARF Foundation and the European University Medicine Network, the Allergy Friendly Building Alliance AFBA is a partner to the building industry at the interface with university medicine.

By partnering with building owners, we support building developers in obtaining the ECARF Seal of Allergy Friendly Building. 

In this way, we make life easier for allergy sufferers and increase the productivity of all people in buildings. 

Prof. Dr. Torsten Zuberbier in conversation with Managing Director Angela Balatoni

Build trust

We help companies create buildings that offer the highest quality of life.

With the ECARF seal, companies can build trust and officially illustrate that you care about the well-being of their users.

In 4 steps to the seal:

Projects and partners

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A healthy environment is the core of sustainable development and is also medically evaluated here. Here, health becomes tangible and the benefits of allergy-friendly planning and execution can also be experienced by non-allergy sufferers, for example through the conscious use of building materials and early tenant counseling.

Thomas Kraubitz
Buro Happold

“We are creating a new urban quarter that will enable living, shopping, working and culture at the highest level in the heart of Berlin. From our point of view, an environment that offers residents and employees as well as visitors the best possible quality of stay is indispensable. By making the neighborhood allergy-friendly, we are living up to our claim. We are all the more pleased that AM TACHELES is the first real estate project to be pre-certified with the ECARF Seal as allergy-friendly.”

Sebastian Klatt
Managing Director pwr development

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