From a single source

Our expertise is based on years of experience, continuous research and regular exchange. But above all, our service for you is to provide this expertise bundled and tailored to your project from a single source.

With a clear and well thought-out catalog of criteria, you keep track of opportunities and successes in your project


Our experience in the construction industry allows us to offer your project individual solutions. In close exchange with all responsible parties.

Our System

Keeping track of complex projects is not always easy. When you decide to give your project a new quality standard and build allergy-friendly, this complexity increases at first sight.

This is where we come in to help you. 

With our clear system, we obtain an overview of the project, define requirements and, in exchange with experts and those responsible, offer a well thought-out catalog of criteria that not only helps you maintain an overview, but in some cases can even reduce the complexity of your project. After all, allergy-friendliness does not always mean additional effort. In some cases, our precise decision-making can simplify a project in one place or another!

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