Health - the most important investment

Limiting yourself in terms of building materials and building to suit your target group initially sounds like extra effort. But those who take this path are usually rewarded.

Health is wealth.

Health is our most valuable asset. People pass on the value of health every day. Whether through productivity at work, added value in their own homes, or – one level higher – by easing the burden on the healthcare system and thus on society as a whole.

Allergies cost - all of us

Allergies are a real widespread affliction. But only those who get to know allergies in concrete figures understand how allergies affect us as a society. The costs caused by allergies are immense:

1 B €

Annual avoidable costs caused by allergies in the EU

Allergies have an impact on direct, indirect, intangible and opportunity costs. Most importantly, in the EU, avoidable indirect costs per inadequately treated allergy patient due to absenteeism range from EUR 55 to 151 billion per year, or EUR 2405 per untreated patient per year.

1 kg

Air we breathe on average per day

1 x

higher pollution: According to the WHO, indoor air is up to 30 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Small differences, big effect

Triggers of allergies are mostly microscopic. But the effects are immense. Even a “simple cold” or watery eyes are defense mechanisms of the human body and should be taken seriously.

Just as inconspicuous as the triggers of allergies, however, can be our solutions. Often it is a simple, targeted exchange of building materials, adhesives used, colors or materials that form a completely new quality. Small changes have big effects.

Better does not have to be more expensive

Together, we find alternatives and solutions with which allergy-friendly construction can be achieved. This is never about selling specific products, but always about medically proven alternatives that are intended to improve the quality of life in buildings on a daily basis. In the process, it can also happen that allergy-friendly materials directly save resources and money; because it is not uncommon for construction to simply lack the necessary overview of common options.

At the end of the day, however – and we are firmly convinced of this – being allergy-friendly pays off anyway. Because the gain in quality of life, manpower, and general well-being benefits users, investors, and owners alike.

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